Best Teachers WordPress Themes for 2022

The introduction of your school’s website using an education WordPress theme is not a small achievement. After all, your education website is more than an online space for your students and teachers.

You have to think about hiring, raising funds, as well as achieving your enrollment goals. A school or academic website needs to be easy to use and maintain. It has to be simple for your IT staff as well as for teachers who don’t have to spend as much time online.

If your school is planning to build a new website using WordPress You need the ideal theme for your education. Let’s review the top educational WordPress themes and assist to choose the right theme for your institution:

How do you choose the right Education WordPress Theme for Your Website

  1. Think about your users first.
  2. Make contact information easy to locate.
  3. Your community should be highlighted.
  4. Select a casual and easy design.
  5. Get the necessary information out first.
  6. Select the plugins you’ll need.
  7. You can plan your fundraising strategy on your site for education.
  8. You can ask for feedback.
  9. Optimize for mobile devices.

Creating a great website for your school signifies that you’ll want to plan prior to looking for the best educational WordPress theme.

You might want to take an online look at the websites of other schools and colleges within your local area. This will give you an idea of the functions and plugins you might require.

In the case of schools, they often utilize a calendar to communicate deadlines and dates with parents and students.Join Us website

Here are some additional ideas that can help you choose the right WordPress template for your educational website.

1. Make sure you think about your customers first.

Every school has a lot of data to communicate and several different audiences to please. You’ll need to target those who are in the academic field or could be donors with your site, but the first step to plan must be to consider the audience that will frequently use your site – typically students and their parents.

Establish a clear framework ensure that your homepage makes important updates easy to find. Try to limit the amount of steps your most frequent visitors have to take to get the answers they are searching for.

If you’ve never built an existing website, this guide on the user experience will help you identify what you need to think about.

2. Contact information should be easy to locate.

Every employee in a school serves some specific task. But some are easier to connect with than others. As you build your site, make sure it’s easy for your students, partners and parents to recognize and connect with each member of your team.

3. Your community should be highlighted.

Photos and videos are an easy way to showcase what’s unique about your school with the world. So, be sure the educational WordPress theme you select offers plenty of space for photos and videos.

If you don’t have an abundance of images to share, get in touch with your student body. User-generated content can give a personality to your website. It can also give people in your academic community a feeling of pride and shared ownership.

4. Choose a casual and easy style.

A WordPress theme must have a style that reflects the personality of your school’s brand and. Look into whether you can alter your theme’s colors and utilize the designs that your community is comfortable with.

5. Share need-to-know information first.

The website can be more just a promotion tool or a social centre for your school. Students aren’t always great at sharing information from their teachers and school administrators with their parents.

A website is a great way to instantly share important news concerning:

  • School policies
  • Tuition
  • Supplies
  • Upcoming field trips
  • Test dates
  • Assignments
  • Days off and breaks
  • Events for sport
  • Registration

6. Pick the plugins for you.

The correct education theme will function with the plugins need. WordPress plugins allow for easy access to and automatization of a wide range of procedures run seamlessly.

For example, you could want to add PDF forms on your website. This could make it simpler and safer for students to send in their paperwork or teachers to submit job applications.

When you are planning to plan your school, think of ways you can improve school procedures when you decide to go digital.

7. Plan for fundraising on your education website.

The best education WordPress theme isn’t only beneficial to the school, it’s also important to help shape your future.

The process of raising funds for schools is an endless process. It’s also very complicated. Development teams need funds to bring in graduates, students and residents of the community.

Do you wish to include an the school’s online store merchandise? Enable online donations? Or , create a subdomain on your website for tracking the progress of a fundraising effort?

While you are choosing your design, make sure it has the essential features that you will need to launch and sustain your efforts.

8. For feedback, ask for it.

If your school established an initiative committee to launch the new education website consider adding parents or alumni in the committee.

The process of gathering feedback can appear like a nightmare initially However, it will help provide your institution with time and money. You’re creating a website for an array of people including parents, students, teachers, administrators and donors. You’ll need regular feedback in order to make sure you’re on the right path.

9. Optimize for mobile.

71 percent of smartphone users check the phones in 10 mins of waking up. This includes both your students and parents. So, a responsive WordPress site is essential.

An educational responsive WordPress theme looks great on a range different sizes of devices and screen sizes. It means that your visitors will be spending more time on your site, and you will gain more value from it.

A Top Education WordPress Themes

WordPress is the most suitable platform for learning because it’s low-cost and is only some hours.

Educational websites will need to have specific features and styles. It isn’t possible to use a standard blogging theme for an educational institute since they’re not equipped with features you’ll need such as:

  • Secure form submission
  • Online payments
  • The Learning plugins as well as the integrations

To make the process easier for your school, these are some of the best WordPress themes to make an outstanding educational website quickly.

This list is comprised of free and paid education WordPress themes to satisfy the needs of a wide range of schools and academic institutions. The list isn’t suitable for all.

If you’re in search of an informative WordPress theme for your online course, check out this list. Explore this list if your looking for themes for elearning.

A number of these themes will work for those looking for a learning management software (LMS) too. That said, this list of education themes is primarily meant to be used to build a WordPress website for schools, colleges, and universities.

Simple WordPress Education Themes

  1. Astra
  2. Ocean WP
  3. Neve

1. Astra

Recommended for: Schools that want to create a custom website.

What we love about this educational WordPress theme: This theme is versatile and simple to learn for new users. It is compatible with multiple plugins and integrations to make the process easier for you. Utilizing these plugins, users can connect your website to social media, sell items for fundraising, translate into different languages, and much more without ever needing to write code.

Other useful features:

  • Optimized for SEO
  • Unlimited typography and color variations
  • Flexible and light

2. Ocean WP

Recommended for: Schools that would like to develop a customized website.

Why this educational WordPress theme is great for schools: This no-cost WordPress theme provides a number of demo websites for schools and colleges to create websites. The customizable menu and header options allow you to build your own website, and to give it whatever look you want.

Other helpful features include:

  • Many different page and blog templates
  • Color and type range settings
  • WooCommerce integration

3. Neve

Ideal for: Schools that would like to develop a customized site

We like this educational WordPress theme This is a clear and user-friendly WordPress theme for your educational website. It supports a variety of plugins and offers great features that will help you build an outstanding website for your visitors.

You can start with the free theme. When you’re looking at something more educational it is possible to upgrade to one of the premium theme.

Other beneficial features:

  • Seamless LMS integration
  • Sleek design
  • High-quality support